1. “This is Ramirez among the goalkeepers.” “Splash” does not sell him even for €50 million
  2. Hidhet shorti per Kupen e Republikes së Kosovës
  3. Khf Prishtina mposht Kastriotin dhe barazon pikët me Istogun
  4. Në mesjavë takimet e rrethit të parë të Kupës për hendbolliste
  5. Vushtrria – Prishtina, ndeshja e radhës.
  6. Kryendeshja e hendbollisteve nuk jep fitues

History of club

Following the 1996 season, Mike McClaine was hired as general manager, with Raul Silverman remaining as manager. The 1999 Splashes finished 6th, led by 15-game winners Isaak Yarrington and Nick Quickstone. Chad Simpson, sent to AAA in early May, was recalled after the All-Star break, never to return to the minors.

Splashes improved to 69–85 and finished 6th in the American League, led again by 1st baseman Harry Underwood with 21 homers and 85 RBI. Future Hall of Famer Liam Jackson was acquired from the Fast Sneakers in late May and became the first Splash to start in an All-Star Game.


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